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Why You Need Hemp Hair Oil In Your Haircare Routine

  • 3 min read
If you’re someone who’s neglected your hair for a while, you’ve probably noticed it isn’t as great as you’d like. Whether you suffer from hair damage or don’t know what to do about overall breakage, it can be difficult knowing which products to add to your haircare routine that will actually have a worthwhile impact.
The good news? There are products out there designed to heal your hair from the inside out. Namely - hemp hair oil. Our Byron bay hemp hair oil masque is an easy addition to anyone’s haircare routine, helping strengthen the hair while leaving it silky and shiny at the same time. But is hemp hair oil really the haircare addition you need to elevate your haircare routine? Keep reading on to find out.

The benefits of a haircare routine 

Have you ever been out and about and seen someone with really, really good hair? You know, the kind that makes you do a double take and immediately wonder how they were blessed with such glorious locks? While a small majority of people can get away with ignoring their hair and still have great results, most people with jaw-dropping strands owe their success to a stellar haircare routine.
Looking after your hair and partaking in a haircare routine each day is a great way to achieve strong, healthy hair. It helps prevent hair loss, boosts the volume of hair and provides enviable shine. While you may think you need a 20-step routine and expensive products to have a great haircare routine, you can actually keep it simple and invest in a shampoo and conditioner that works for your hair alongside a killer masque that nourishes your strands from the inside out.

Why you should add hemp oil to your haircare routine 

Sometimes overloading on products can cause your hair more harm than good - especially if they’re harsh and strip your scalp of the healthy oils it needs to keep your hair soft and shiny. That’s why we recommend keeping it simple and investing in our hemp hair masque. It’s low maintenance, natural and proven to work!
All you need to do is apply a small amount on damp hair from the middle to the ends. Leave it to sit for 3-5 minutes and style as usual. That’s it! No 10-step routine or products that cause a serious hole in your pocket. Our hemp hair masque is affordable, fuss-free and suitable for all hair types.

A single product that does it all 

Instead of investing in different products for different hair issues, hemp hair oil addresses countless problems such as damage, dryness, colour preservation, and more. It helps reduce breakage and produces collagen, helping promote thick hair growth and overall volume. It adds shine to the hair and turns dry and brittle strands into smooth and nourished locks. It can be used by everyone (no matter the hair type) and can even be used on keratin-treated hair, hair extensions and coloured hair.
All you need to do is set aside an extra 3-5 minutes as and when needed to nourish and look after your hair. With our hemp hair masque, you don’t have to worry about nasty parabens or harmful chemicals. Our Byron bay hemp hair oil is cruelty-free, vegan free and made right in Melbourne, Australia.

Styling benefits 

Lots of people refrain from using hair masques due to worries and concerns about them weighing their hair down. We get it - there’s nothing worse than greasy, limp locks that make you look like you haven’t showered in weeks. But with our hemp hair masque, it’s designed to feel lightweight and comfortable. You don’t have to worry about that horrible greasy feeling or an itchy scalp here! As our Canamo hemp hair masque has no parabens, sulphates or silicones, this helps leave your hair looking shiny and beautiful but voluminous at the same time. Something that’s hardly seen when it comes to nourishing hair products!

The benefits of adding hemp hair oil to your haircare routine 

If you’re looking to take your haircare routine to the next level without all the extra fuss, then it’s time to invest in our best-selling hemp hair masque. Visit our website to find out more!