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How Hemp Can Improve Overall Hair Health

  • 3 min read
When it comes to improving overall hair health, it’s easy to feel intimidated by the vast amount of products out there. It’s hard to know what works and what doesn’t - and most of all, what’s going to leave your hair looking soft and smooth while protecting it from the inside out.
So, if you’re looking for that one product that can significantly improve your hair game, look no further than hemp hair oil - especially in the form of a hemp hair masque.
But is hemp really as good as the experts claim when it comes to overall hair care? Read on to find out!

It encourages hair growth

Social media is littered with videos of people trying out all the latest hair crazes in an effort to grow their hair. If there’s one thing that’s for certain - it’s that people are looking to stimulate hair growth with minimal fuss involved.
Hemp hair oil is packed with essential fatty acids such as omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9. These fatty acids are known for stimulating hair growth while enhancing blood circulation in the scalp. This helps nourish your lacklustre strands and helps keep them strong, smooth and shiny. Hemp hair oil also stimulates hair growth by preventing harmful bacteria from entering the hair follicles.

It helps treat scalp infections

Countless people deal with dry and uncomfortable scalp conditions, especially in the colder months. Scalp issues can be difficult to treat due to sensitivity issues. The last thing you want is to treat a fragile scalp with harsh products. Talk about painful! That’s why you’ve got to look for products loaded with antibacterial products that help soothe and treat conditions at the same time. Enter- hemp hair oil!
Hemp hair oil has lots of antibacterial properties that help cure scalp conditions. It naturally moisturises the scalp and improves blood circulation. This can be hugely helpful when it comes to treating itchiness, dandruff and excessive dryness.

It helps repair damage

Whether your hair is damaged from hot tools, hair dye or overwashing, hemp hair oil can help. Known for strengthening hair, a good hemp hair masque can leave your dry and brittle strands feeling healthy and smooth again. And better yet, hemp hair oil doesn’t just make your dry and damaged hair better when it is applied. It works overtime by nourishing your hair cuticle, helping prevent further damage down the road.
Applying a leave-in hemp hair masque can do your hair a world of good when trying to achieve the hair of your dreams. It works on all hair types and is even friendly on keratin-treated hair, hair extensions and coloured hair. This is when you know a product can be trusted!
Better yet, our hemp hair masque doesn’t weigh your roots down. That means you can achieve lots of volume and body while having smooth hair at the same time. An absolute must when nourishing and styling your hair.

It helps with detangling

Are you one of those people who cringes at the thought of brushing your hair after a shower? If so, you’re not alone. Tangled hair is no fun for anyone. Whether yours is caused by damage or you’re just prone to tangles in the first place, you can do some serious damage harshly brushing through your precious strands. That’s why it’s best to use hemp hair oil.
Byron bay hemp-infused oil can facilitate detangling and provides fly-away control. This means that your once-knotted locks will soon be silky and smooth, easy for combing through without causing damage.

Improve your overall hair health with hemp

If you’re looking to elevate your hair care this year, invest in our best-selling hemp hair masque to nourish your hair and repair it from damage. Check out our website to find out more!